As we get ready for the festive season, most of us are keeping our ears out for a hint about the perfect gift to give our loved ones. This crazy year is ending, and we are planning office parties and secret Santa’s are being assigned accordingly. 

Finding that perfect gift to show someone how much you care, is something we all are struggling with. 

With this in mind, we have put together some eco friendly suggestions you can consider as we enter the most generous time of the year: 


Stainless Steel Container Set for the foodie in the family

We all know Christmas time is leftover time and what better way to store those leftovers than in our Earth Aloha Stainless Steel Containers?  If you are still looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who loves cooking or camping,  this is the perfect gift, you don't have to look any further. 

The set includes 3 mini stainless steel containers with custom silicone lids which help prevent spills. This makes it perfect to take as a lunch box on the go.


The perfect Zero Waste Set

This is such a perfect time to educate loved ones on Zero waste and eco friendly living. We have the perfect gift for this, our Zero Waste 17 piece Set is the perfect starter kit for anyone wanting to lead an eco friendly lifestyle. Not only are you doing your part in saving our planet but you can peacefully lay in bed at night knowing that one more person will do their part in saving our environment.

This would also be a thoughtful gift for someone already passionate about eco friendly living. They might not have all the pieces yet, this will be perfect! 

"The Everything" Silverware Set

In our previous article, we talked about going camping with family and how you can do your part in not leaving anything behind. This Silverware Set is the perfect gift for the eco friendly camper. The set comes complete with a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, 2 straws, and a brush cleaner. All sealed together in your eco friendly wheat fiber box.


Organic Cotton Produce Bags

You’ve done your week’s shopping and you’re wheeling your trolley towards the till. While the cashier rings up your groceries, you reach down for your FTN hemp bag and then you realize you left it on the kitchen counter as you grabbed your keys and ran out the door. How about buying a few reusable grocery bags to stuff into each Christmas stocking this year? You will have to remind everyone to put them in their cars or handbags, so they’re never forced to resort to buying plastic bags ever again!


Zero Waste Bamboo Lunch Kit

Looking for a good present for the children close to you? This is the perfect gift! The Zero Waste Bamboo Lunch Kit is a great gift for children that are going to school.  This Lunch Kit will educate the kids from a young age about Zero Waste living. This kit has it all! Included in the kit is; a large eco food container

made from all-natural bamboo fibers. The bamboo lid can double as a cutting board if you are using this kit for camping or even at home. The kit includes "The Everything" Silverware Set mentioned above, 3 Mini Stainless Containers, Produce Bags & Carrying Bag, a Travel-Friendly Water-bottle, and even a Linen Cloth Napkin.

The best part of purchasing these products is the fact that we will donate $5 to the 1% FOR THE PLANET organization for every kit that is sold.

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