You will often hear these words, "From dust we came, and to dust, we shall return." We are all creatures from Mother Nature so it only seems fair that we work to honor and preserve her the best way we can. 

The Earth is a living thing, and we need to do our part to keep her alive. There are so many ways of doing this. With the holidays coming up, it is only fitting to talk about how to go on an eco-friendly camping adventure.


Picking the right eco-friendly camping site

Doing your research will help you pick the right camping site suitable for the whole family. National parks are often the safest choice because they receive regular maintenance, but there are a handful of privately owned camping sites that pride themselves on being eco-conscious. 

When considering a camping site, you should think about the amount of time you will be spending in the car. The more time you spend in the car traveling to your destination, the more CO2 emissions you are responsible for.

Leave only footprints and take only memories

As humans, we tend to be obnoxious. We can be loud, insensitive, and very destructive. When we go camping, we need to remember that we are merely visitors to the natural habitat of our animal friends. When we leave, the camping site still needs to be habitable. 

You would think it goes without saying, but please DO NOT LITTER, be responsible for your trash. If you are a smoker, do not just flick the butts. Always make sure your cigarettes are out and then put them in your pocket to throw away later.


Buy reusable or biodegradable products

If a tree falls in nature and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Though this is up for debate, the fact is, if you trash your polystyrene plates and plastic cutlery in the forest and no one is around to scold you, it still damages our ecosystem. 

If you are going to be careless while camping, you can invest in biodegradable gear, and rather make use of silver cutlery and tools, than plastic or paper plates. Our Everything Silver Set is perfect for this. You can even purchase our Zero Waste Bamboo Lunch Kit, perfect for every meal. You will even end up saving some packing space! 

When it comes to toiletries, buy non-chemical soaps and cleaners. Non-toxic suncare and bug sprays are also a great idea.


Know how to go, the right way

When nature calls, we know you need to answer, but there are dudu do’s and dudu don’ts. Most formal camping sites have ablution blocks where you can do your, erm, business. 

Sometimes it just isn't as easy as that. If you have gone off the beaten track, you need to make sure your waste doesn’t present a danger to the wildlife in the area. What you can do, is to find a secluded spot a fair distance from your campsite. 

Always bring a spade with you. When you are done, burn any toilet paper that you may have used. Don’t forget to cover this hole so no unsuspecting animals fall into it.

Being more eco-friendly is extremely easy. You just need to embrace your inner green goddess and honor Mother Nature through your camping choices. Easy as that!

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