What can you do with your trash if it’s not collected? 

2020 has been an unexpected year for all of us. When we think about everyday things like putting out the trash or going to the shops, we would have never thought that even this might be something out of the ordinary. 

You might have noticed that your weekly rubbish has increased in size over the past couple of months. Since we have been spending more time indoors, more household waste gets created.  

While our governments are doing the best they can to continue providing us with service delivery, refuse collection being among them, it may not always be possible under these unprecedented conditions.

In the unlikely event that the service staff defer for a week, please do not resort to illegal waste dumping. This is a time where we can practice a zero waste household lifestyle. 

The question is, what can you do with your trash if it’s not collected?

Make use of Eco bricks

Filling a plastic bottle with as much recyclable material as you can, will only take you a few minutes. This method can make the job of recycling so much easier. You may have unused 2L bottles around your home that are the perfect tool to create compact “bricks” made from plastic. 

The easiest way to keep up with your bricking is to keep a wooden spoon and 2L bottle on a kitchen counter. Every time you are done with plastic packaging, pop the plastic into the bottle. 

Don’t be bashful when filling your eco brick. Your bottle can take more plastic than you’d think. A 500ML bottle should weigh around 175G when fully packed, and a larger 1.5Lbottle can weigh 500g, meaning a 2L will come close to 1KG.


Recycling 101

If you are already striving to be a zero-waste household, you will already know that you should wash and dry your cling film, tinfoil, styrofoam, disposable utensils, straws, and other recyclable materials thoroughly before putting them away. 

One dirty item can contaminate your entire batch. So, it is important to be disciplined in this regard. If you are a beginner but keen to learn, it is always a good idea to strive to be a zero-waste household. Keep reading our blogs to learn more on this subject.


Create a compost pile

There is no better time than now to decrease your carbon footprint. A compost pile may seem harder to manage than it is. 

It is so easy. Start with your fruit and vegetable skins. You can always use the seeds to plant more produce once you have identified a veggie patch in your garden with enough sunlight. 

We will not suggest the use of animal products as they tend to present a breeding ground for a whole host of bacteria that maggots and other undesirable creepy crawlies are attracted to. 

Fun fact, you can add coffee grounds to your compost pile as well. Things like cardboard with no colorful ink on it, newspapers, wood shaving, or even sawdust can be great additions to your compost pile.

Outdoor compost heaps tend to take care of themselves, but if you have a small garden with no space, there are compost bins that are vacuum-sealed that can be used. These bins come with draining taps that can be used to drain excess fluid from.


Throw upcycling arts & crafts parties

Upcycling parties are great ways to keep the kids entertained and make the most of any extra rubbish you can’t get rid of. This can even be a learning opportunity for children.

If you have seeds you would like to repurpose, you can make use of household waste. The perfect household waste item to use is egg trays. They can be a way to get seedlings going before you plant them. Egg tray planting can be a great way to keep children busy. Teaching your children about seeds, plants, and recycling can be a great way to get them into gardening. 

Table coasters made from woven magazine or newspaper pages are such cute additions to your decor. They will be great conversation starters when you have people over after the lockdown.

You can create custom jigsaw puzzles with recycled materials. This can be a great way to keep you and your children entertained over the holiday season.

There are so many ways to be creative with recycled materials and household waste, you will never throw away your household waste again!

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